Friends of Bukidnon News

If you think that the initiative to bring Bukidnon news around the globe through the internet is worth pursuing, then you can be a “Friend of Bukidnon News” (FBN).

Running a news service is a dream come true for the people behind Bukidnon News Dispatch. It has always been our desire to report on Bukidnon on a regular basis in a proper podium.

For us, reporting about the people, events, and issues in Bukidnon is a commitment.

But it is easier said than done.

As an FBN, you can be a partner in this shoestring news service.

We seek those generous people who can commit, too, in the collective effort to report on what’s really happening in “Bukidnon our home.”

If interested, please email us at


6 Responses

  1. Thanks to all those who inquired about Friends of Bukidnon News (FBN)! You inspire us to do better and give us more strength to go on. cheers! (BND Team)

  2. mas ok ang color karon green kaayo nice hehehehe

  3. congrats to the people behind of Bukidnon News Dispatch. 🙂

  4. Best portal to the rest of the world. Spread the news, Bukidnon News Dispatch!!!

  5. tnx to the news,,,,,allow us to be inform all the happenings in bukidnon ^___^

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