OPINION: BUKIDNON VIEWS: Who will judge the judges?

BUKIDNON VIEWS: Who will judge the judges?
By Lourdes G. dela Torre
The country is now beset with squabbles over the issue of injustice, control over the three branches of government that appears like going back to a dictatorial regime and the alleged manipulation to fast track the impeachment of the chief justice.  Continue reading


FEEDBOX: Fr. Jonathan C. Tianero on “It’s final: no Gaisano wet market – Mayor Zubiri”

(Bukidnon News Dispatch/13 October)
“(I) just want to comment re wet market issue.

While it is true that the wet market in Gaisano will at first affect
the local public wet market, this will eventually even out since
people who buy at the public market will eventually re-do their
marketing there after the novelty has passed.
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Bukidnon Views: Bukidnon Culture: The History By Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan (Second of a series)

Bukidnon Views:

Bukidnon Culture: The History
By Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan

(Second of a series)

(Bukidnon News releases this five-part series on the Bukidnon culture
with permission from the author. These materials have been previously
published by the BSU Ethno-cultural Museum and the Bukidnon Heritage

The script, Ms. Dinlayan says, in its simplest form, features the
tangible and intangible heritage of the culture of Bukidnon. She added
that culture is treated as a treasure in a precious container. In this
cultural presentation, the rituals, the history, the treasures, the
knowledge and the message of Bukidnons are portrayed.

She said this is a ‘cultural tour’ with a script.

“I invite each reader to treat each item as an access to explore the
depth and width of Bukidnon culture,” she said.


“Bisan pa hindun a
Lalag kug uli a ta Bukidnon.” Continue reading

Malaybalay citizens answer Shamcey’s question

MALAYBALAY CITY— “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the
person you love? Why or why not?”

This was the burning question asked to Shamcey Supsup, Philippine
representative to the Miss Universe 2011, held in the Sao Paulo,
Brazil. Supsup emerged as 3rd runner up.

Shamcey’s answer was: “No. I will not change my religion because the
first person I love is God. He is the one who created me. And the
principles and values that I have now is because of Him. So if that
man loves me, he should also love my God.” Continue reading

LIFE IN THE PLATEAU: Starting the change in a meal

By Walter I. Balane

On the road to a resort in Lianga, Surigao del Sur one early evening last year, our Grassroots Documentation and Reporting Training Team talked about the application of science in the food that we eat. It was a humorous but “meaty” chatter. The usual one you get into inside the vehicle while heavy rains slow your trip down.

A check on the timepiece showed dinner should go ahead before check in. We talked about the chicken in the fast food chains. We talked about the poultry products in our breakfast table. Then the conversation extended to the synthetics of food preparation in the world of fast food chains and how they alter way of life and relationships.

Fast food vs. slow food.  Old vs. new ways to prepare food.

We even also talked about that World Toilet Summit in Beijing (yeah, that’s for real (laugh!) but that would probably be another story)

Just a week before, I sat next to a Vegan. That’s how people who live on plant-based diet are called, y’know. So I had some inputs to make in the car ‘conversation’: that natural diet is a healthier choice.

Arrived at the resort safe and sound and later, dinner was served. To my shock and amusement, there on the dinner table, is the immortal fried chicken. Continue reading