OPINION: BUKIDNON VIEWS: Who will judge the judges?

BUKIDNON VIEWS: Who will judge the judges?
By Lourdes G. dela Torre
The country is now beset with squabbles over the issue of injustice, control over the three branches of government that appears like going back to a dictatorial regime and the alleged manipulation to fast track the impeachment of the chief justice. 

There is a struggle among the political intellectuals in the halls of their own official niche dragging some of their subordinates into confusion – to support or not – their immediate superiors.
What does this bring to the ordinary farmers, market vendors, street sweepers and other Filipinos who can hardly understand why they continue to have nothing on their table?

While these “politikos” continue to justify their actions to be legally, and constitutionally correct, when will the ordinary citizen get and experience real justice?
The present political scenario is problematic in many aspects.  We have a former president who is charged of election sabotage and detained in a presidential suite at Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC).

This act of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is termed as hospital arrest. Her supporters claimed that the former president is not given consideration despite her ailment – thus- unjust treatment?  One of her cabinet secretaries, the former chair of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) is also imprisoned in another government facility, also for election sabotage.
Both officials are accused of being offenders of the law.  They were arrested and detained in special places, special in the sense that these places were furnished with facilities that the ordinary prisoners do not have.
In another scene, the chief justice is under fire due to the impeachment move against him. The judge is now being subjected to the judgment of a law-making body-turned into impeachment court.
The question now is, on what standard will the judgment be based?
In the final analysis, who is going to suffer from this political process?  Will this solve the worsening poverty level?  Will this address the lack of classrooms, jobs and peace?

For a while, the senate will cease to function as a law-making body. But that is its main function.

The Filipino people are the final arbiters of this battle.  They can judge based on the proportion of the population who have improved quality of life – better health care services, accessible (lower cost) education, welfare and stable employment opportunities.

They can also make their own score board for every round of events in the senate, in VMMC, in the other detention facility, and in Malacañang.

The people’s verdict may not be given equal treatment but is instrumental to those who want to contribute in setting a new political direction for the nation.

(BUKIDNON VIEWS is the opinion section of Bukidnon News. Dr. Lourdes G. dela Torre is a researcher whose works have been presented in various national and international conferences. She has published books on Peace Education and Field Study. She is a consultant on community organizing, social, and peace studies.)


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