Media reminded of its role to help transform society

MALAYBALAY CITY (Bukidnon News/09 February) The news media should go beyond providing information just for its sake, it should generate reports that provide transformational information to help change society, Fr. Danilo Paciente, Social Action Center director of the Diocese of Malaybalay said Tuesday.

Fr. Paciente, in his homily during the mass he presided in time for the first anniversary of the Bukidnon News and Information Service, urged journalists who belonged to the group to continue pursuing reports that challenge the readers to decide to do something about what is going on in the society.

He cited that through reaching those who access the internet, Bukidnon News is doing an important role to influence decision makers.

But he cited that transformation does not start at the large scale.

“It should be done so that it transforms not only the readers/audience but also the reporter,” he added.

Fr. Paciente however warned the group’s members that it should take care of their organization especially that it is still at an infant stage. Bukidnon News, a community-based news organization formed by a group of journalists and information practitioners in the province, intends to report on Bukidnon beyond the usual police crime reports. With its tagline, “Reporting Bukidnon, Our Home,” it intends to report for residents in and out of the province including those living abroad.

It was formed as a news organization on February 7, 2011. It initially used Facebook and blog for its news dispatch. On September 19, 2o11, it officially launched Bukidnon’s first and only news service, Bukidnon News Dispatch.

It envisions an online portal dubbed “Global Bukidnon,” which can be viewed temporarily at

It intends to operate services that cater to multi-media news outlets in the province including those who can access it online, in print or on air via the radio.

Bukidnon News is inspired by the Mindanao-based, Mindanao-run news service MindaNews, which is ran by the Mindanao News and Information Cooperative Center. (Bukidnon News)


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