BUKIDNON VIEWS BATA’NG BUKIDNON: A decision worth pursuing


BATA’NG BUKIDNON: A decision worth pursuing
By Carl Ace R. Parilla

MUSUAN, Maramag, Bukidnon (Bukidnon News/11 January 2012) If I base my identity on the Canadian psychologist James Marcia’s Identity Status Theory, I must belong to what he classified as Identity Foreclosure. That’s because I let my parents determine my own career direction.

However, after I enjoyed this week and just before I close my eyes to sleep, there is one realization that come mind: there are decisions worth pursuing for.

Just last week, Central Mindanao University College of Veterinary Medicine hosted the 8th National Congress of Veterinary Medicine Students. With this year’s theme: Building Bridges for Excellence in Veterinary Profession Across the Archipelago, once again numerous aspiring vets from both private and state universities gathered. Representatives from 11 Veterinary Medicine schools across the country came and exposed themselves to new learning, explored wider opportunities, and shared fun experiences.

The four-day event was packed with talks from numerous respected veterinarians in various subfields of veterinary profession, tours to different vet facilities within and outside the campus, and fun nightly events meant for students to socialize.

Even though I’m still in my last preparatory semester in this course, we sophomores were allowed to participate. Honestly, being a ‘know-nothing’ yet in veterinary matters, I really didn’t enjoy the talks that much, but actually the whole thing stirred a question in my mind: is that really how big the opportunities that await me?

When you come to think of it, there are only more or less 21 veterinary medicine schools in our country, yet, the manpower demands for animal health care, for livestock, swine, equine and poultry production and sales, and for the academe are consistently high.

Even the demand for veterinarians abroad is always high, too. These opportunities show the need for a veterinarian’s skill. That’s the reason why even if a veterinary medicine graduate is not licensed yet, there are a handful of companies which are reserving or even hiring him or her already. And I am even lucky enough to be enrolled in one of the Commission on Higher Education’s only three higher education institutions (HEI’s) recognized as Center of Excellence in Veterinary Education.

How about in Bukidnon, is there really a need for veterinarians?

The answer is a big YES. Actually, just last month, when I and my dad went to Onda’s Farm (just along the national highway in Dalwangan, Malaybalay) to buy some trays of fresh eggs, we had a short talk with the owner.
When my dad told Mrs. Onda that I am studying Veterinary Medicine, she immediately told me that I should apply to her when I graduate for she doesn’t have one yet. We laughed over the idea. I know I still need to conquer four more years before I graduate.

But that alone proves that there is really a great need for veterinarians in our province.

Taking this course isn’t easy at all. It’s even almost a miracle to see someone finishing it in CMU within six years!


Imagine, just mastering several animal anatomies, studying wide range and differences of diseases among animals, and the fact that animals as patients don’t even talk where the pain is (vets just got to know), aiming to be a great doctor is a tough act.

Yet seeing those aspiring vets like me inspires me a lot. They don’t strive just to earn money; they don’t strive just to get a stable job. They strive primarily because there is an urge within them that they want to help these helpless creatures, and that they don’t want to see any sad pet-loving kid.


Though before, I didn’t want to be a veterinarian, I believe that animals are my comfort zone, and living in a ranch is my dream. This is not just a dream actually, IT’S MY PASSION. And now I know, this decision is really worth pursuing.

(BUKIDNON VIEWS is the opinion section of Bukidnon News. BATANG BUKIDNON is the column for teen-age young aspiring writers in the province.  Carl Ace Rojas Parilla just joined Bukidnon News this month. He writes a blog called “My Life, My Battle.”  See more of his articles in http://carlacelife.blogspot.com)


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