BSU to collaborate with 2 Indonesian universities

MALAYBALAY CITY – Bukidnon State University will sign cooperation agreements with an Indonesian state university and an international school, both based in the City of Manado in Sulawesi Island, Dante Victoria, university secretary told Bukidnon News Friday.


Victoria said the university has signed a memorandum of understanding with Unima or Universitas Negeri Manado (Manado State University) in September 2011 to “enable cooperation between the two universities for all academic area of mutual interests.”


He said the cooperation was formalized on September 20 when BSU president Victor Barroso visited Unima to sign the MOU with their university officials.


The cooperation, he added, is broad and covers exchange of expertise, faculty, and even students. Victoria added that it will even include sports and cultural exchangers even if he admitted that more concrete agreements will have to be agreed yet. He described that primarily it will build on both universities’ human resource development.
Unima, set up in 1955, has teacher’s education as its flagship program, a field it shares with BSU.


Victoria said based on an initial assessment of mutual needs, BSU may be able to help in Unima’s need to develop its capacity for English proficiency and information and communication technology (ICT).  He cited the possibility of the conduct by BSU resource persons of short term courses on English Language teaching in Unima, based on the
outcome of a visit of BSU deans in October 2011.


BSU, on the other hand, may benefit from Unima’s capability to teach Bahasa for its hotel and restaurant management program. A number of BSU graduates, Victoria said, land on jobs in Singapore. He said Bahasa might be taught in BSU. At present, HRM students also take Japanese language units.


Victoria said BSU is expecting a return visit by Unima university officials in March 2012 for the next steps.


BSU also received Billy Kumolontang and Dr. Daniel Kambey, owner and chair of the board, respectively, of the Manado International School this week. Victoria said BSU and the school will also sign a memorandum of understanding for separate collaboration efforts.


He said MIS would like to work with BSU on human resource development. But he said they are also scouting for BSU teachers’ education graduates who can teach in Manado.


The two institutions’ cooperation will cover exchange of teachers and students, sharing of teaching technology, exchange of teaching knowledge, sharing of resource persons in teacher and student enhancement programs, and training and development of teaching staff.


Victoria said Kumolontang also vowed to promote BSU among its graduates and teachers who may want to study abroad for graduate and post graduate degrees.


He said the MIS officials were impressed by the performance of Filipino teachers, including one from Cabanglasan town, among their present staff.


Victoria cited that a former BSU professor, Ricarte Abejuela III, who is now vice consul of the Philippine consulate office in Manado was instrumental in initiating BSU’s cooperation with the two institutions.


He said the linkages with the universities are expected to bring more opportunities for BSU especially that Manado is a tourist destination.  (Walter I. Balane/Bukidnon News)


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