PHO: Hilots attend to more child births than doctors in Bukidnon

VALENCIA CITY (Bukidnon News Dispatch / 14 November 2011) – In 2010, more children in Bukidnon were born in deliveries attended by hilots, comprising about 31 percent compared to only 27 percent of childbirth cases attended by doctors, according to nurse Gilda Campano-Ajoc, coordinator of the Bukidnon Provincial Health Office maternal and child health program.  Ajoc did not give actual figures in her presentation Monday in the PHO’s media update on Maternal, Newborn, Child Health and Nutrition with members of the Bukidnon Press Club.


But she cited that deliveries attended by midwives in Bukidnon comprise the highest percentage with 38 percent. She added that 44 percent of the deliveries in 2010 were done at home, 30 percent in rural health centers, barangay and health stations, and 26 percent in hospitals.


In Bukidnon, however, Ajoc cited in her report that their campaign focused on pushing for deliveries only with “skilled birth attendants” namely doctors, nurses, and midwives in health centers.


She said their monitor of the maternal and child health is in line with the Millennium Development Goals  No. 4, which is the reduction or reduce of child mortality and No. 5 or the improvement of maternal health.


In 2010, there were 28 mothers who died on delivery in Bukidnon. In 2009, the PHO reported 33 maternal deaths. Perla Dinlayan, PHO health education and promotion officer, in her opening remarks said maternal and child health is an important health program to address the problem of many mothers who refused to go to health centers. Ajoc said they have organized women’s health teams in barangays composed of a midwife, hilot, and barangay health workers (BHWs) for pregnancy tracking to ensure they go to the health center.


She added that pregnant women should go to the health center at least once in the first three months of her pregnancy and pursue regular visit in the subsequent months. In Bukidnon, only 39.77 percent of pregnant women comply with the pre-natal visit in the first three months, she cited in her report.


The other interventions for maternal and child health includes pre-pregnancy, pre-natal care, care during delivery, and immediate post partum care, Immediate newborn care; maternal, infant, child health and nutrition, and promotion of breastfeeding.  (Walter I. Balane/Bukidnon News)


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