Motorcycle in grenade recovery incident reported stolen from village councilor

MALAYBALAY CITY – (Bukidnon News Dispatch/ 14 to 16 October) The
motorcycle used by the two unidentified men in the grenade recovery
incident Friday afternoon was traced to a village councilor of Brgy.
Mapayag, this city, police reported.

But the motorcycle, identified by police as a red Kawasaki with plate
number 4125, was apparently stolen from Mapayag barangay kagawad Grace
Darunday, according to a blotter report at the Malaybalay City Police

Darunday’s 13-year old son, Gerard, was using it around 9a.m. Friday
in Brgy. Mapayag when two unidentified men flagged him down, pointed a
gun, took the motorcycle, and fled.

Meanwhile, Traffic Management Center personnel, in a routine check for
registration papers at the BSU checkpoint, found something else when
they stopped an Kawasaki motorcycle.

Instead of yielding their papers, the driver and his passenger jumped
off and escaped when told to stop.

Traffic enforcer George Troncillo told Bukidnon News one of the two
perpetrators, the one who fled to the direction of the Malaybalay City
grand stand, drew a gun that’s why he backed off in his chase.

Police explosives experts recovered an unexploded grenade.  In the
haste, TMC personnel found the M67 fragmentation grenade underneath
another vehicle in the scene, which caused a stir along Fortich

Some bystanders reported that allegedly, a grenade was lobbed at the
checkpoint. But the TMC reported that it was not clear if it was
thrown or it fell in the haste to escape.

Troncillo described the driver as about 20 to 25 years old. The other
perpetrator fled to the side of Cudal Street.

The motorcycle, which turned out to be the one snatched from Gerald
Darunday earlier that morning, was already turned over to the owner,
according to a source at the police station here.

The driver and his passenger have remained at large.(Sean Sulugan/Bukidnon News)


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