FEEDBOX: Fr. Jonathan C. Tianero on “It’s final: no Gaisano wet market – Mayor Zubiri”

(Bukidnon News Dispatch/13 October)
“(I) just want to comment re wet market issue.

While it is true that the wet market in Gaisano will at first affect
the local public wet market, this will eventually even out since
people who buy at the public market will eventually re-do their
marketing there after the novelty has passed.

There are people who will just prefer to buy at the public market and
that’s just that. I think this fact can be observed right now even
with the presence of the specialized meat shops like Monterey and

On the other hand, I believe that disallowing the wet market at
Gaisano Malaybalay will be a great loss to the Malaybalay City
Economy. There are people who have developed the “supermarket”
mentality, and having a “regular” Gaisano (with wet market) in our
City will draw them to Malaybalay and lessen their tendency to go to
CDO for shopping purposes.

I know a number of Malaybalay residents who go to CDO regularly to do
their shopping there- and they do their groceries at Gaisano.

Not that they will really stop going altogether to CDO, but just that
Malaybalay will now have a batting chance to entice them to do some of
their grocery errands locally.

The funny thing is, a lot of Gaisano CDO wet market products are from
Bukidnon. Sold at CDO, taxed at CDO!

The point I want to make is simple: with more people coming to Gaisano
Malaybalay, more business opportunities are made available for those
who are creative.

I think the City should ensure that if ever Gaisano Malaybalay will be
allowed to operate a wet market, it should be at par with the Gaisano
CDO Wet Market, so that more people will be enticed to come to
Malaybalay City.

Again, more people, more business, more business more taxes, more
taxes more income for the City, and hopefully better Social Services.”

(Feedbox is the feedback section of Bukidnon News. This includes
reactions from identifiable sources to stories released through the
Bukidnon News Dispatch. The feedback represents the opinion of the
author only. React to stories, email to bukidnonews@gmail.com. Fr.
Jonathan C. Tianero is former station director of DXDB and editor in
chief of Ang Bandilyo newspaper. He is now based in Rome, Italy to
take his licentiate in Social Institutional Communication at the
Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.)


One Response

  1. I agree that freedom of competition has to be alive and well to bring the most benefit to a community. Those who fight against having competition cannot be allowed to control the system.

    Competition is healthy. It improves service, price and product. The fact is without this essential competition the community is losing out on tax dollars spent elsewhere (CDO). That is, like you said, the advantage to CDO and the wealth and income that could better the community as a whole is currently being delivered into the hands of another region.

    Competition is healthy and does benefit the community. It actually creates jobs.The shops that are operating in the wet market will continue, as long as they offer a good product at a good price. Customer loyalty is in the hands of the shop keepers, not by restricting access to competition.

    Tying the hands of a free market society is not healthy for the community as a whole.

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