Gov vetoes ordinances creating history officer, fixed SP staff posts

MALAYBALAY CITY – (Bukidnon News Dispatch/06 October) Gov. Alex P.
Calingasan vetoed two ordinances passed by the Sangguniang
Panlalawigan in May and August 2011, according to a copy of his letter
to the provincial board.

The provincial board passed in May 18, 2011 Ordinance No. 2011-023R or
the “Ordinance permanently providing staff personnel in the offices of
the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, creating co-terminus
positions therein, and for other purposes.”On August 31, the board also passed Ordinance No. 2011-034R which
created the position of an Executive Assistant III under the officer
of the provincial governor to act as the provincial history officer
and for other purposes.

In his September 27 letter, Calingasan said the two resolutions did
not conform to the listed positions being adopted by the provincial
board in its Resolution No. 2011-494 (11th SP) in March 2011. The
resolution, he added, adopted the Human Resource Management
Development Plan (HRMDP) and its Monitoring and Evaluation System of
the provincial government from 2011 to 2015.

Calingasan reminded the provincial board that the formulation of the
HRMDP involved participation of various provincial offices in various
stages “to ensure that implementation of the plan is in accordance
with the Civil Service Commission’s Guidelines”.
“Hence, this representation cannot act accordingly and is constrained
to exercise its veto power pursuant to Section 55 of Republic Act 7160
otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991.”

Beltran clarified that they need permanent positions for staff of
provincial board members, although their employment should go with the
term of the board members they serve.

He added that the historical officer is tasked to collate and annotate
the history of the province, including its towns and cities and to
recommend the construction of a provincial library. The proposed
officer will also be assigned as head of the proposed provincial
In his explanatory note, Beltran said it is important for the people
of Bukidnon and for the next generations to know their past, including
their past leaders.

The new officer will also be tasked to study the feasibility and
possibility of constructing monuments for the late governors and vice
governors, and recommend where the monuments will be erected,
including budgetary requirements.

Beltran, son of a vice governor who later assumed the post of
governor, also proposed the giving of appropriate memorabilia to the
family of the governor and vice governor honored.
The historical officer will also become a protocol officer to arrange
necrological services on behalf of the provincial government and do
other functions as may be instructed by the governor.

The ordinance was passed following the death on July 27 of World War
II veteran and local hero Esmeraldo Cudal, who was a survivor of the
Bataan death march. He was vice governor from March 1980 to April
1986. (Walter I. Balane)


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