Buseco apologizes; city council: apology not enough on brown outs

MALAYBALAY CITY – (Bukidnon News Dispatch/Sept 30-Oct.1) The Bukidnon
Second Electric Cooperative (Buseco) apologized to the members of the
Malaybalay City Council amid City Councilor Melchor Maramara’s inquiry
on the frequent brownouts in Brgy, Kalasungay, where he lives.

The city council invited Buseco officials including Malaybalay branch
manager Juancho T. Chiong with public relations officer Leonard Lleros
to shed light on the matter during their 35th Regular Session on
Sept.27, 2011.Engr. Artis Nikki Tortola, Buseco technical services department (TSD)
manager apologized to city councilors.

He said a power fault is oftentimes caused by some disturbances such
as birds, snakes, lizards and other wild life.

However, he said the brownouts in Barangay Kalasungay was caused by a
ground fault due to loose contact either in the “body ground,
transformer, or insulator”.

He added that it is very difficult to determine the fault because it
requires pole to pole inspection.

Maramara reported that the frequent power interruption in the area
caused damage to appliances of the residents.

He said he has reported the problem to Buseco many times but until the
session it has never been addressed and has “cast a negative
impression” and doubt on the Buseco’s commitment in delivering
excellent service.

Maramara also invited Baptist pastor who shared that the brownouts
inconvenienced their prayer meeting sessions. He has to shout out loud
to deliver his sermon.

The church leader added that most of their instruments such as sound
system, personal computers, television sets among others, were also
destroyed as an effect of the power interruptions.

City Councilor Roland F. Deticio, a lawyer, said aside from
apologizing, BUSECO should consider assessing impact. He said they
should be charged for damages to the consumers and the business

City Councilor Anthony Canuto G. Barroso said no amount of explanation
and apology could suffice for the lapses.

Councilor Jose Medardo M. Estaniel reminded Buseco officials that
being a public utility provider, they should observe standard premium
service as expected by the owners-consumers.

He said in the United States, a brown out is an unacceptable incident
since World War II. Should a power interruption occur due to very
unavoidable circumstances, he added, electric companies will be held
accountable with the losses of the business sector.

City councilors challenged Buseco general manager Edgardo Masongsong
to face them on October 18, 2011, when they invited him to “seriously”
address this and other matters. (Erlow Talatala/Bukidnon News).


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