Bukidnon Views: Bukidnon Culture: The Message by Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan (Last of a series)

(Bukidnon News releases this five-part series on the Bukidnon culture with permission from the author. These materials have been previously published by the BSU Ethno-cultural Museum and the Bukidnon Heritage Foundation.

The script, Ms. Dinlayan says, in its simplest form, features the tangible and intangible heritage of the culture of Bukidnon. She added that culture is treated as a treasure in a precious container. In this cultural presentation, the rituals, the history, the treasures, the knowledge and the message of Bukidnons are portrayed.

She said this is a ‘cultural tour’ with a script.

“I invite each reader to treat each item as an access to explore the depth and width of Bukidnon culture,” she said.)


“Palimani sa ahung hu agala day,

Palimani sa lageng day.”

(Listen to the echo of our cries, listen to our voices.)

Echoes from the hills.

Voices from the mountains.
Friends in high places.We speak words.
We send words.
We write words.
We send words.

Peace in the land.
Peace in every heart.
Peace in Bukidnon land.
Peace in every heart.
Peace in the land.

We make peace with people.
We bring the oil of peace that untangles conflicts.
We bear the spirit of peace of the Magbabaya.

Tampuda hu Balagon.
Ritual for peace.

We make peace with nature.
We do not cut trees for profit.
We do not fish more than what we need.
We do not destroy river.

We make peace with our neighbors.
Dumagats are brethren.
We allow them to lead us.
We offer our resources, our lands,
all because of peace.

We make peace with ourselves.
We serve the Magbabaya.
We serve the universe.
We serve all His creation.

This is our invitation.
An invitation to all.
Take heed.

Each peace-maker is a treasure.
Each peace-maker is a historian.
Each peace-maker is a messenger.
Each peace-maker is a true human,
for human is created for peace.
Each peace-maker is a treasure of this land.
Each peace-maker is a vessel of peace.
Each peace-maker is a Bongkatol.
Bongkatol ha Bulawan

This is our message.

(Bukidnon Views is the opinion section of Bukidnon News. Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan is currently the in-charge of the Ethno-cultural Museum of Bukidnon State University, Malaybalay City. She is the daughter of Datu Bagangbangan. She can be reached through angaray_bsc@yahoo.com.)


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