New therapy clinic opens in Malaybalay

MALAYBALAY CITY- A clinic that is a first in the city to offer a combination of physical therapy (PT) services, medical massage and gym facilities, just opened recently in Malaybalay City at Sayre highway across Carbajal and Damasco Streets, near Mama Lo’s Kusina.

Rocco Pablito F. Intong, Jr., proprietor and a licensed physical therapist whom has been practicing for some time said he decided to open the clinic because of the demand of the service in Bukidnon.

Intong has worked at the Bukidnon Provincial Hospital (BPH) from 2000 to 2006 after he passed the PT licensure exam in 2000. Starting in 2006 he taught care-giving and nursing assistance related courses at Valencia Colleges. Thereafter, he continued offering home and hospital services but recalls how costly and tiresome it was. Limited services were still offered that time since the equipments were not portable.

Since the clinic opened on September 8, Intong said he has had affiliations thru referrals with Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center (BPMC), Malaybalay Polymedic Hospital, St. Jude Thaddeus General Hospital and recently Bethel Baptist Hospital.“So far most of clients coming in are stroke (Cerebrovascular accident) patients, there’s lack in information drive because PT is not only for neurological injuries,” the therapist further said.

The clinic caters not only for patients with neurological injuries but also orthopedic/sports-related injuries (e.g. fracture), work related injuries (e.g. lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome common in computer typists), cardiopulmonary PT, and pedia cases (e.g. Cerebral Palsy). Management is more on exercises based on initial evaluation (IE).

The clinic operates in collaboration with two physicians offering consultation. Dr. Elvie May Mamawag, medical internist, is at the clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. While Dr. Lourdes Anne Villoso who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, based in Valencia City, is there every Saturdays.

Other services include medical massage, a management of Myofascial Pain Syndrome, or commonly known as panuhot. Intong also mentions that medical or clinical massage which focuses on region of body involve, is different from wellness massage such as Thai and Shiatzu massages.

When asked of his expertise Intong said he is more focused on physical rehabilitation of stroke patients and management of sports-related injuries. As of now he is handling programs of six post-stroke clients which ideally take six months but late progress may take 12 months. For stroke clients, as much as possible rehabilitation is commenced within 48 hours after attack even while patient is still in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His therapy policy during 6 months is daily for first 10 days then move to thrice a week once progress is assessed and eventually twice and once a week.

“The earlier the PT the better the prognosis,” he stressed.

Wellness services are also offered at the clinic including program for weight loss and consultation for efficiency in sports such as basketball and soccer. Equipments include treadmill, stationary bike, parallel bars, home gym buddy, gym balls, and mobility aids. He is planning to include and extend more services and equipment like maybe purchasing a lumbar traction in the future, when costs would be lower, of which so far, 10 clients would e needed for it. (Hazel A. Generalao)


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