Bukidnon Views: Bukidnon Culture: The Treasures By Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan (Third of a series)

Bukidnon Views:

Bukidnon Culture: The Treasures
By Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan

(Third of a series)

(Bukidnon News releases this five-part series on the Bukidnon culture
with permission from the author. These materials have been previously
published by the BSU Ethno-cultural Museum and the Bukidnon Heritage

The script, Ms. Dinlayan says, in its simplest form, features the
tangible and intangible heritage of the culture of Bukidnon. She added
that culture is treated as a treasure in a precious container. In this
cultural presentation, the rituals, the history, the treasures, the
knowledge and the message of Bukidnons are portrayed.

She said this is a ‘cultural tour’ with a script.

“I invite each reader to treat each item as an access to explore the
depth and width of Bukidnon culture,” she said.)

The Treasures

“Salamat tungkay in-ila nu kanay
Bongkatol ha bulawan.”(Thank you very much for giving us the Golden Character)

Bukidnon plateau.
The space where we found life.
The space where we make life.
The space where we share life.

The space where we work and play.
The space where we rest.
The space where we pray.
The space where we worship.

We have treasures.

Our people knitted together by a culture.
Our skin color blends with the earth.
Our skills interweave with passion.

Our music comes from our soul.
Our musical instruments are not separate from us.
They are as old as our skillful hands.

Our skillful hands are as wise as our hearts.
They can speak for ourselves.
They can express the language of our soul.
They can even commune with the earth.

Our dance is performed in the harvest fields.
Or, in any space where a reason to dance is provided.
We do not dance for nothing.
We dance with meaning.

Our language speaks for ourselves.
Our dreams.
Our philosophy.
Our beliefs.
Our fears.
Our cries.

Language provides symbols.
Symbol for Love (Gagaw).
Symbol for Brotherhood (Kagduma).
Symbol for Respect (Kagtahud).
Symbol for Generosity (Kalalagan).
Symbol for Unity (Kagsabuwa).
Symbol for being concern to one another (Kagpandaya).
Symbol for helping one another (Kagbinuligay).

Our forefathers whom we respect.
“Bulawan sa taghirugaan dan.”

Forefathers who taught us to love the Bukidnon land.
Land provides prey for a hunt.
Land provides herbs for our bodies.
Land provides leaves and stems for our weavers.
Land provides crops for our kids and women.
Land provides rivers for our fishing skill
and mountains for our hunting skill.

We love this land.
We respect this land.
We protect this land.


This is our treasure.

(Bukidnon Views is the opinion section of Bukidnon News. Loreta Sol L.
Dinlayan is currently the in-charge of the Ethno-cultural Museum of
Bukidnon State University, Malaybalay City. She is the daughter of
Datu Bagangbangan. She can be reached through angaray_bsc@yahoo.com.)


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