Volunteers back PLS Sawaga clean-up drive

MALAYBALAY CITY- The Philippine Life Saving (PLS) Bukidnon Chapter spearheaded a clean-up drive in a portion of the city’s Sawaga River in celebration of the International Coastal Clean-up Day on September 18.

About 147 volunteers cleaned the stretch of the river from Sumpong to Impalambong Bridge covering five barangays, namely; Barangays 3, 4, 7, 10, and 11.

Volunteers were able to collect around 30 sacks of non-biodegradable garbage, according to John Valmores, PLS assistant secretary. The group also cleared tall grasses along the river, particularly at the Impalambong bridge.   Valmores said they want to show to the public that there are still those who care about keeping the river clean.

Jovir Villegas, head of Eco-venture and member of PLS, said PLS facilitated an assessment meeting after the activity.

He added that to sustain the effort they plan to do the cleanup quarterly to involve the residents of the barangays covered.

Villegas also added that they encouraged the public to help in the endeavour. The activity started with a motorcade in the city’s poblacion.

Among those who volunteered in the activity were city councilor Mya Rosos-Tenorio and spouse Dr. Apollo Tenorio, who was posted as standby physician and representatives from Bukidnon Mountaineering Club (BUMOC), Malaybalay Runners, Eco-venture, PANAHIK, MARAGAOI, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kababayan Riders Association for a New Cultural Harmony and Order Incorporated (KARANCHO), CSWD, Malaybalay Emergency Rescue Unit (MERU), Kabalikat Radiocom Bukidnon Chapter,CLEANFILL, and Bukidnon State University College of Arts and Sciences basketball varsity, and the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). (Hazel A. Generalao/Bukidnon News)


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