Bukidnon Views: Bukidnon Culture: The Rituals By Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan

Bukidnon Culture
By Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan

(First of a series)

(Note: Bukidnon News releases this five-part series on the Bukidnon
culture with permission from the author. These materials have been previously published by the BSU Ethno-cultural Museum and the Bukidnon Heritage Foundation.)

The script, Ms. Dinlayan says, in its simplest form, features the
tangible and intangible heritage of the culture of Bukidnon. She added
that culture is treated as a treasure in a precious container. In this
cultural presentation, the rituals, the history, the treasures, the
knowledge and the message of Bukidnons are portrayed.

She said this is a ‘cultural tour’ with a script.

“I invite each reader to treat each item as an access to explore the
depth and width of Bukidnon culture,” she said.)


“Amay day diyan ta langit
Tahuron sa ngaran nu.”(Our Father who art in heaven, hollowed be Thy Name)

He is our Determiner.
He determines, not us.
He determines what is good for us.
He determines what is not good for us.
He determines, not us.
He is our Determiner.

Since Magbabaya determines everything about us,
we learn to humble ourselves.
We consider others more than us.
Magbabaya is greater.
We are lesser.

Magbabaya provides this Bukidnon plateau for us.
He is the Giver of Mount Kitanglad.
He is the Giver of Pantaron Range.
We respect the Giver of all.
We extend our respect to all His creations :
the forests, the rivers, the trees, the lands.
We express our respect through rituals.

We treat the Giver as the Owner.
He owns everything.
We are stewards.
Just stewards.
So we use our bare hands to preserve the sanctity of His creations.
We take care of this space and time.
We are stewards.

We ask permission before we touch the land.
We ask permission before we taste the harvest.
We ask permission before we wade in the river.
We ask permission before we wander in the forest to hunt.
We ask permission before we climb the mountain.
We ask permission through rituals.
Rituals are our life.

Rituals appease.
Rituals bring peace.
Rituals iron out conflicts.

Tampuda hu Balagon.

It is for peace.
It is for mending broken links.

Rituals connect us to the Magbabaya.
Rituals are part in all aspects of our lives.
Rituals are beyond religiosity.
It is our breathe.
It is our life.

(Bukidnon Views is the opinion section of Bukidnon News. Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan is currently the in-charge of the
Ethno-cultural Museum of Bukidnon State University, Malaybalay City.
She is the daughter of Datu Bagangbangan. She can be reached through


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