Q and A with Mrs. Lora Escarro-Añar: “Teachers are expected to be self-driven, self-motivated”


MALAYBALAY CITY – (Bukidnon News Dispatch/14 Sept.) Bukidnon State
University grade school teacher Mrs. Lora Escarro-Añar, 32, became the
fourth from Malaybalay to win the prestigious annual Search for Ten
Outstanding Teachers organized by the Metrobank Foundation Inc.
(MBFI). She discusses the qualities and traits that teachers possess
in the first half of this two-part series.

BUKIDNON NEWS: How do you feel at the moment about the award?
MRS. AÑAR: I feel like I am totally fulfilled as a teacher. It is a
once in a lifetime experience, a dream come true.  I feel triumphant
that amidst the challenges I meet in this journey I still pass through

BUKIDNON NEWS: How does it feel to be called an “outstanding teacher”?
Is it more of an achievement,  a responsibility, or a challenge?MRS. AÑAR. It feels great!  Although I bask in my achievement, I still
need to remain humble, to keep my two feet flat on the ground.

This means a lot to me, my family, school, and community.  To me this
is an achievement that I am doing my very best in my craft.  To my
family, this is a prestige and honor, an achievement for I was raised
up by them full with love and affection.  To my school and community,
this means esteem and honor, making the school and the province of
Bukidnon known to the whole nation.

Being an awardee of the MBFI is a prestige that comes with great
responsibilities.  We have to do better; we have to do more than what
is expected of us in two ways: performance expectations and
attitudinal expectations.

Performance expectations include our work ethics, quality of
instruction, research, extension and production.  These must be shared
to our colleagues and to our communities. We have to pass these on to
others and to the next generation.

Attitudinal expectations compose our commitment, dedication and drive
to teach with enthusiasm, these must never fade. We must be
self-driven or self-motivated.
This is a challenge not only to me but to all other teachers.  We need
to see that teaching is the best way of giving back to God the gifts He bestowed in us.

BUKIDNON NEWS: How do you describe yourself as a teacher? What do you
think are your strengths as a teacher?

MRS. AÑAR: I have always treated my career in a bright perspective.

Attitude matters.  With the right attitude, I can be triumphant in my
profession.  Commitment, responsibility, enthusiasm, cheerfulness,
cooperation and patience can lighten up the multifaceted tasks of a
teacher.  Coupled with intelligence, humility, industry, perseverance
and hard work, these values and traits make my teaching career

Though these attitudes are hard to develop and enhance, with the
guidance and support of my parents, teachers, siblings and those
around me while I was growing up till now, have made all these things
straightforward. I have become a versatile teacher.

BUKIDNON NEWS: What kinds of personal weak points do you deal with as
a teacher?
MRS. AÑAR: One of my greatest problems as a teacher is having children
with various attitudes and behaviors.  Handling misbehaviors and
disciplinary problems were a challenge to me.  I have solved it by
employing a lot of classroom guidance techniques: pupil’s conference;
teacher-parents-pupils conference; parents’ consultation, the use of
behavior contract, and employing varied and creative activities in
teaching children.
I am continually struggling with time management, with my multifaceted
tasks: there are times I fail in providing quality time with my
family…This is what I have to work on…

BUKIDNON NEWS: Is teaching just about improving one’s skill to deliver
MRS. AÑAR: As a teacher, I always believed that there are five
functions we need to develop, enhance and apply.  These are being an
instructional expert; classroom manager; guidance counselor; a
researcher and an extension worker.

As an instructional expert, after my baccalaureate degree, I did not
stop there.  I quest for more knowledge and skills so that I can
provide learning among my learners more than what the books offer.  I
finished my Masters degree in Guidance Counseling. I am now pursuing
my doctoral studies.  With these, I become updated and have constantly
abreast myself with current trends and issues in education.

With the updates, I have made a lot of innovations for my pupils and
shared these to my student teachers.  The modules on creative
activities in teaching Mathematics, the compiled lesson plans in
teaching the English language, the personalized presentation software
in teaching Nouns, and other manipulative materials in teaching Math,
were just few of my outputs in instruction that improved
teaching-learning outcomes.

BUKIDNON NEWS: What can a teacher do to improve teaching-learning outcomes?
MRS. AÑAR: As a classroom manager and guidance counselor, I do not
just come to class to teach but also to understand the various needs
and problems the pupils are experiencing.  I listen to my pupils’
problems and learn to understand their situation.
If a pupil misbehaves, I often ask about what his problem is and come
to realize that a pupil likes to be paid attention at because
something is bothering him.  I have helped these pupils in such a way
as listening to them, talking it out to their parents and guardians,
and following them up.    Conducting consultation and conferences with
parents and guardians tend to address issues and concerns about my
As an educator, I never stop learning.(Bukidnon News)


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