Q and A with Mrs. Lora Escarro-Añar “Government, community can do a lot to improve education”

MALAYBALAY CITY – (Bukidnon News Dispatch/14 Sept.) Bukidnon State
University grade school teacher Mrs. Lora Escarro-Añar, 32,  became
the fourth from Malaybalay to win the prestigious annual Search for
Ten Outstanding Teachers organized by the Metrobank Foundation Inc.
(MBFI). She discusses what it takes to improve quality of education in
the community in the last installment of this two-part series.

BUKIDNON NEWS: You mentioned that a teacher should also be an
extension worker, how can one to do that? What have you done
personally for an extension work?

MRS. AÑAR: I am one of the organizers and members of the extension
projects implemented in Sitio Natid-asan Barangay Casisang (Community
Based Pre-school Education: A Partnership between BSU-ESL and Barangay
Casisang) and  in Bugcaon Lantapan Bukidnon (Bugcaon Early Childhood
Education Project/BECEP).

There, we helped a day care center and a preschool improve through
conferences with the day care teacher, deployment and supervision of
student teachers, and providing feeding program and other important
school amenities to day care/pre-school children.  I also reached out
to other elementary schools where we conducted training for teachers
and administrators in the Extension Project Accelerating Curriculum
through Extension Services (Project ACES).BUKIDNON NEWS: The teacher is also an extension worker? What do you do
to comply this?

MRS. AÑAR: As teacher-researcher and an extension worker, my duty is
not only embedded in the four walls of the classroom.  I have reached
out to communities.  I find ways to contribute for the improvement of
the quality of life the people.

I have conducted and worked collaboratively as a research team leader
of my co-teachers in conducting researches that have contributed much
to the improvement of teaching learning process of pupils, student
teachers, and teachers in the elementary school laboratory and to the
other elementary schools in the field.

Just recently, we have finished a research on The Primary Level Sense
of Values of BSU-ESL Pupils: Basis for a Character Formation Program.

BUKIDNON NEWS: Can you give us a snapshot of the kind of research
projects you worked on?

MRS. AÑAR: These researches include, among others, The Learning Style
Preferences of Students, Induction Practices of Supervising
Instructors in Student Teaching, and The Continuing Professional
Development Lecture Series: Bukidnon State University Experience.

I have presented the last two researches in a regional and national
symposium where we won the Gold Prize Paper Presenter and Silver Prize
Paper Presenter during the 7th National Conference of the Philippine
Association of Institutions for Research, Inc.

I also did a collaborative research with my colleague which was
granted funding by the Dept. of Social Welfare and Development
KALAHI-CIDSS on Analysis of the KALAHI-CIDSS Community Empowerement
Activity Cycle (KC-CEAC) Arrangement Process: Its Implications to the
Sustainability of Community Subprojects.

This helped evaluate the implementation and institutionalization of
the KALAHI-CIDSS project in the Municipality of Guinsiliban, Camiguin.

BUKIDNON NEWS: Are there more thoughts you want to share to fellow teachers?

MRS. AÑAR:  Keep on teaching.  Continue serving… Keep the lights
shining to your students… Strive for the best.. One day, you’ll reap
the fruits of your labor.

Teaching is making BIG plans…these can spark magic to stir our blood,
to help us realize these plans.  Aim high in hope and work,
remembering that a noble, and excellent work once recorded will never
die, but long after the good teacher had gone, will become a living
thing, asserting itself with growing intensity.  If we always work our
best, the quality of our work will always be in direct proportion to
our commitment to excellence.

BUKIDNON NEWS: To schools and universities and the government, what can you suggest to improve the capability and welfare of teachers?

MRS. AÑAR: The government can do a lot to make the teaching profession
more attractive. Increase the salary of the teachers.  Provide more
avenues for the teachers’ professional and personal development.
Schools and universities must intensify and institutionalize research
and extension programs to all stakeholders, to the communities, extend

BUKIDNON NEWS: What are your plans for the future?
MRS. AÑAR: Continue what I have started… Share the experiences I have
had in Manila for 2 weeks to other teachers and to motivate other
educators to become exemplars of public service

BUKIDNON NEWS: What would you like to say to the community about education?

MRS. AÑAR: (quotes Marian Wright Edelman): “Education is for improving
the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better
than you found it”)

Teaching involves partnership between families and communities.  If my
learners learned the value of good citizenship, the value of
cooperation, nationalism and patriotism, the value of productivity,
industry, initiative, responsible citizenry and love and these values
are shown in school at home and in the community then, we could build
a better nation.
Although teaching is a thankless job, not well compensated, we can
still make a difference… We hold the future of the young and with this
we have to do well in our craft. (Bukidnon News)


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