Malaybalay citizens answer Shamcey’s question

MALAYBALAY CITY— “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the
person you love? Why or why not?”

This was the burning question asked to Shamcey Supsup, Philippine
representative to the Miss Universe 2011, held in the Sao Paulo,
Brazil. Supsup emerged as 3rd runner up.

Shamcey’s answer was: “No. I will not change my religion because the
first person I love is God. He is the one who created me. And the
principles and values that I have now is because of Him. So if that
man loves me, he should also love my God.”Many netizens said that the answer has cost her the crown; some
speculated the answer is too conservative for the judges. There are
others including Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda who said
that her answer reflected the Filipino culture.

To check this, Bukidnon News asked some citizens of Malaybalay to
answer the burning question. Here are their answers.

“Oo, pwede ra mulahi ako religion basta we love each other. Dili
makaapekto ang religion sa amo.” [Yes, it’s okay to change my religion
as long as we love each other. Religion cannot affect our
relationship.] – female worker at PENRO, 50

“Okay rasad seguro musulod sa iya religion kung nahigugma sad siya sa
ako ” [It’s okay to convert into another religion as long as that
person loves me, too.] male, 53

“No, this would mean changing myself for religion and my God have huge
impact on me. Also the person wouldn’t have asked me to marry him if
he hasn’t accepted me.” –female student, 22

“Dili kay kung love ko niya, ok ra siya sa ako religion, Wala sad ko
ingon nga danihon nako nga pareha mi religion.” [No, because if the
person loves me, he would be okay with my religion. Also it would not
mean he would need to change his.]  ~Concepcion Paquingan

“Kung necessary ichange kay love jud, depende sa religion sa tao. Pero
mas maau kung pareha or naa jud isa mugive-up.”  ~saleslady at Rose

“Dili kay ako religion muo ra jud. Kung aha mi maghiusa dadto rami.”
~Rogelio Paquingan

“Pareha rami answer ni Shamsey“ [I have the same answer with Shamcey.]
~Mapet Pulido

“No, kung true love man then why man mag-change ug religion ang isa ka
tao? Ang religion nalang pud ug ang akong i-marry ang magpakasal” [No,
if what we have is true love, why change religion? Otherwise let the
one I love marry my religion instead of me] ~Ischy Muring

“No, kung true love why change?”  Tricia Sario

“Will make compromise. Besides what matters the most is the
relationship with God and that I’d be married to the person I love.”
~Jo Un (Hazel A. Generalao/Bukidnon News)


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