Valencia eyes city museum

This November 6, 1960 photo shows government officials during the laying of the cornerstones of the Valencia Municipal Hall (now being reconstructred as the new city hall), a part of the exhibit of the Valencia Bukidnon Historical and Cultural Society in the Integrated Terminal in Hagkol, Valencia City.

VALENCIA CITY – (Bukidnon News Dispatch/09 September) The Valencia Bukidnon Historical and Cultural Society (VBHCS) has pushed for the city government to operate a city museum in a resolution passed in April 2010 and endorsed to Mayor Leandro Jose Catarata Friday as they launched their historical photos and cultural exhibit at the New Valencia Integrated Terminal in Hagkol, this city.Olive Mella-Gamboa, VBHCS president, told Bukidnon News the mayor has agreed to locate the museum at a space still not identified within the new City Hall building. Gamboa said they proposed a P1-million initial budget for the museum, which they expect to be put up before the end of the first quarter in 2012.

“This is probably the first local government-funded museum in the province,” Gamboa said.

The VBHCS describes itself as an organization of Valencia City residents who believe that there is a lot of good to be gained by looking back.

The group has invoked Republic Act 8492, the National Museum System, which provided among others a “permanent home for cultural artifacts and materials of historical value to Filipinos”.

Valencia, they added, has grown from a fledgling town in 1961 to a bustling metropolis in 50 years.

“Yet, its cultural development has taken a back seat in the development agenda, as such has not really established a home for its cultural artifacts and materials of historical and sentimental value,” the group said in their Resolution No. 12, series of 2010.

The group has pushed for the city museum that is affiliated to and patterned after the National Museum as defined in the R.A. 8492. The museum would be placed under the supervision of the city mayor.

Gamboa said the museum would be the permanent home for cultural artifacts and other materials of educational, scientific, cultural, and historical value.

Rep. Lorenzo Tanada III, who was invited as guest speaker at the launching of the exhibit, lauded the initiative as coming from the people “in cooperative” with the government.

Tanada stressed the importance of examining the past as an important gesture to know oneself and the future.

He used as example the congressional investigations as a way to delve into the alleged anomalies of the past so that President Aquino’s campaign against corruption could succeed in the present. (Walter I. Balane)


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