In Malaybalay, 23 of 29 road deaths due to motorcycle accidents

MALAYBALAY CITY—  Twenty-three out of 29 people who died of vehicular accidents in Malaybalay City from January to July this year are attributed to motorcycle driving, according to records from the Traffic Management Center (TMC) of Malaybalay City.

This number is more than double the number of 11 deaths for the same period last year, as shown by TMC’s Summary Reports of Apprehended Traffic Violations and Accidents.

This showed that motorcycle accident deaths account for about 80 percent of the total fatalities of 29 people from vehicular accidents this year, making motorcycle accidents the deadliest in Malaybalay roads.The number of vehicular accidents recorded from January to July last year totalled 557. Though lower, the number of cases is still high at 485 for the same period this year.

Most of the incidents occurred within the poblacion (city proper) and majority are of vehicle collisions, according to Mr. Ernie B. Neri, Assistant Traffic Operation Officer of TMC.

“The Malaybalay highway has been known to have a number of vehicular traffic accidents,” said Neri.

The highway is 33-km long, stretching from Dalawangan to Bangcud.

Neri added that drivers who are not from Malaybalay City usually figure in those road accidents.

He also said that motorcycle accidents are on the rise because there are now more motorcycle adventurists with the increase in the number of motorcycles in Malaybalay City.

A concerned citizen of Barangay San Jose said that he often sees motorcycles on the highway with no light at night.

When asked about what his office is doing about this, Neri said that Traffic Enforcers are stationed at check points in Barangay Sumpong and Barangay Casisang, and they do random checks even at night time.

Article 11 on wearing of crash helmet in the city ordinance states no person shall drive a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

However within the same ordinance under Section 3 No.3, it is stated that a motorcycle entering the bridge from Sumpong to Sawaga bridge of Casisang or vice versa are exempted of this Article for identity purposes. The two bridges landmark the highway exit points of the city proper. (Bukidnon News Dispatch)

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