Pulangi IV resumes operation after shut down for repairs

The Pulangi River, winding thru the Maapag Pla...

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MALAYBALAY CITY – The 255-megawatts Pulangi IV hydro electric power plant in Maramag, Bukidnon resumed its operations around 9:30p.m after it has temporarily suspended operations during the Holy Week, plant manager Engr. Rudy Brioso said Tuesday.

The National Power Corporation announced on April 20 the maintenance and repair of three units of the power channel for cracks and leaks.

They announced that maintenance work would be done by April 23 ahead of the resumption of operations on April 25. Brioso told Bukidnon News on April 25 they will finish on time even if they started late because of the holiday in time for the Holy Week.

Brioso said Unit 1 was restored by 8:30p.m., Unit 3 by 8:40p.m., and Unit 2 by 9:15p.m. The curtailment of power supply to their customers, he added, was lifted by 9:30p.m. Monday.

He said they resumed with an assigned load of 100 megawatt.
Brioso said it cost them at least P600, 000 to do the repairs, which was dragged over the years due to postponements. He said they could not obtain clearance to sustain operations due to power requirements that do not allow curtailment.

He said they are eyeing another repair work and suspension of operations next year at the tunnel leading to the surge pool. The repair next year will be bigger, he said, with estimated worth of P1 million.

Brioso said the plant has not been inspected since it started operating 25 years ago.

Brioso told Bukidnon News the repairs brought them at least P5 million opportunity costs a day.

“But this is nothing if we did not pursue the repairs. It could have caused greater damage that could have led to flooding,” he added.  (Walter I. Balane/Bukidnon News)


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